Free personal to-do lists for individuals and teams

Manage all your tasks in one place with our free personal to-do list.
Create team or project spaces to manage your teamwork.
All integrated with your personal to-do list.

Free for you and your team.



personal todo list in devices

Manage all your tasks in one place. Wherever you are.

List personal tasks, and your commitments to the team in one place. Your personal to-do list.

Decide what´s on your agenda for today, tomorrow or later. Know what’s coming up next and plan when and how you will complete your tasks.

Stay engaged and up-to-date on any device, whenever and wherever you want. Your list is always available on the web or in our powerful iOS and Android apps.

Shared task lists on visual boards = better teamwork

Your Projectplace personal to-do list can be seamlessly be integrated with your teamwork whenever you need it. Create your free shared team space for unlimited members and start sharing team tasks list on the visual board (Kanban).

Tasks assigned to team members shows up as new assignments on each member´s personal to-do list. As your team members complete your shared team tasks, progress is immediately updated on the shared board.

Visual kanban board

Visual planning

Add visual planning and progress tracking

To bring more structure to your teamwork you can add a totally integrated visual plan (Gantt) to your shared team tasks. Outline main activities and milestones on your visual timeline to align your team, your tactics and big picture plan. Connect team tasks on your visual boards to actual activities.

Progress is immediately reflected on your visual plan and on your dashboards as team members complete their tasks. All work is connected, transparent and fun.

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