“I am convinced that Projectplace is helping us to save a lot of time.”
Anders Ljungman, Project Manager at E.ON

Projectplace helps E.ON increase their efficiency

The construction by E.ON of one of the world’s largest wind farms just off the Danish coast has resulted in a renewed drive for efficiency. When collaboration between numerous suppliers, consultants and employees needs to run like a well-oiled machine, everyone must have access to the same information. For a number of years now Anders Ljungman, Project Manager at E.ON, has regarded Projectplace as an almost indispensable tool.

Efficient information management saves time

Anders Ljungman and his team have been responsible for the Rödsand 2 project, which was ordered by the Danish Energy Agency. E.ON began construction on the project back in 2008 and the work was completed four months ahead of schedule in autumn 2010 – the efficiency of activities has been outstanding.

In order to keep communication and information flows in check in major projects like this one, participants must be able to contact one another and cooperate easily. Within a company environment a shared server may be one solution, but the work often becomes complicated as soon as external parties come on board.

“I am convinced that Projectplace is helping us to save a lot of time. One big advantage is that there is a very low knowledge threshold for new employees to get to grips with when starting work. For instance, we never encountered any problems when the time came for our suppliers to start working in Projectplace. We simply said ‘We will now be using Projectplace’ and invited them to join us – we hardly ever received any questions about it. It is largely self-explanatory.”

Results: A Streamlined Way to Communicate

Projectplace simplifies everyday project tasks and streamlines communication. E.ON can easily see which suppliers are linked to Projectplace, what they are doing and which documents they are sending, or remain outstanding. Cooperation on projects over the Internet also gives participants access to all the project documents from any connected computer, which provides an opportunity to reduce the need for project members to travel between different sites. This saves time and money and has an added environmental benefit.

“It’s not possible to replace face-to-face meetings but at E.ON we are striving to reduce travel for the sake of the environment. With the help of Projectplace and online meetings we have been able to save a lot of time and do away with unnecessary journeys.”

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