Providing a single point of contact for our team members, and tools such as the Online Meeting, has enhanced our remote working environment.”
Ian Kendall, IMI Group Supply Chain

The problems IMI faced

Group Supply Chain drives projects across global businesses with team members spread across the world.

However, IMI doesn’t employ a single IT infrastructure across its subsidiary businesses. Group Supply Chain activities were becoming more and more involved in cross-division projects, and owning and sharing key documents was becoming increasingly difficult.

How Projectplace helped

IMI started using Projectplace in May 2003. Initially, they used our Document Archive tool to relieve some of the duplication and lessen the risk of outdated information. During 2006, IMI started using more and more of our tools. We helped them improve their project control and have more visibility over progress.

Saving time through template

They are also beginning to use templates for new projects to save time on similar tasks, for example by creating a template out from Planning & Tracking. IMI has taken a train-the-trainer approach to help emphasise where the businesses have seen the most successes and where Projectplace can add the most value.

Strengthening teamwork

"With the success seen in Group Supply Chain, IMI is actively promoting Projectplace in other disciplines, such as mergers and acquisitions, and product development, where similar cross-divisional, globally displaced people work as teams." concludes Ian.

Projectplace tools used

The tools IMI use the most, in order of importance, are: Planning & Tracking, Document Archive and associated functionality, Public Web Pages and Meeting Management.

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