KPN use Projectplace

Peter Broumels feels that it is absolutely necessary to have a virtual working environment where project managers in an outsourcing project can work together on a Request for Proposal, for instance. “A lot of disciplines are involved in projects like this: legal, security, communications, commerce, not to mention human resources. In an average outsourcing project, 75 to 100 specialists need to get up to speed quickly to collaborate efficiently. The larger the group involved, the tougher the requirements set for ensuring good communication between its members. Projectplace is excellent at meeting these requirements. I don’t know how we’d manage to collaborate as efficiently as we do now without using Projectplace.”

The importance of being able to collaborate transparently is growing every day, in Broumels’ view, now that an increasing number of companies are considering outsourcing their ICT activities, including telephony and networks, to ICT providers specialised in this area. But this must be able to take place in a secure environment. As Peter Broumels explains: “You don’t want people outside the project team gaining access to data on Projectplace. We’ve been meticulous in ensuring that security on Projectplace is tightly controlled. You really won’t get in without an access code. This allows project managers to have some peace of mind when they have their documentation on Projectplace. If they were to lose their laptop, there would be no valuable information available to take.”

Broumels and his project colleagues use a great many of the features available on Projectplace, from project management to issue management. But, this has actually been a gradual process. Broumels continues: “Any features available in Projectplace are gradually introduced. People need time to adopt a new way of working. The time will then come when those involved in a project can tell new staff: ‘we use Projectplace’.”

“KPN is collaborating with Accenture, Atos Origin and Getronics on a seven-year contract with ING on jointly providing workstation services to ING’s 53,000 staff members in Europe. Around 430 ING staff in the Netherlands and Belgium have switched to the ICT providers mentioned. The outsourcing contract has a total value of EUR 750 million. KPN is responsible for delivering all the services relating to fixed and mobile communications, call-centres, LANs and conferencing facilities for all ING staff in the Netherlands and Belgium, including hardware for end-users and network traffic,” adds Peter Broumels, project manager at KPN Telecom.


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