How do you organise a virtual organisation?

The problems PMI UK faced

PMI UK does not have a head office nor, indeed, any offices at all. And because the majority of people working for PMI UK are volunteers, the staff turnover is high.

PMI UK needed to give volunteers access to documents produced by a large number of people at different times and in different places, and the ability to exchange them. They also wanted a permanent archive so that a document could be easily sourced long after its author had left.

How Projectplace helped

Nicholas Lake, President of PMI UK, first encountered Projectplace at a trade show in 2001,

"I was running projects where it would have been useful for people in our organisation, our customer and suppliers to have a place to share documents. Unfortunately, companies don't allow non-employees to log on to their intranet due to the security implications. And imagine the nightmare of creating a website for five different companies! Thankfully, Projectplace's document sharing solution enabled mutual collaboration and communication."

Gordon MacKellar, Director of Programmes, runs PMI UK's four committees in Scotland, Midlands and North, South West and London.

He lays on programmes which involves organising speakers, arranging venues and choosing themes, so uses Projectplace to store all the templates and arrange meetings.

Gordon is also responsible for organising the annual International Project Management Day conference and has set up a dedicated project team with their own space on Projectplace. He remarked, "Projectplace acts like a central server for our organisation. Wherever we are in the country or world, we have access to the information that's needed. It allows us to make better decisions and helps to keep projects running on time."


Although many of the PMI UK volunteers travel a lot, they can now easily access any document.

"With Projectplace, you simply need internet access from your home, office or hotel room 24/7," said Nicholas Lake.


Projectplace uses multi-layer data encryption to guarantee maximum security.
Uses a secure data vault to back up information. PMI UK has peace of mind knowing that members benefit from total reliability and availability.


Projectplace's solution allows everyone at PMI UK to easily pinpoint the latest version of a document. It has also significantly cut down on the number of emails members have to send because all the key documents, such as board minutes, policies and team charters and forms, are now conveniently and centrally resourced.

Simple to use

Gordon MacKellar found the system so easy and straightforward that he taught himself how to use it. He plans to have a leadership meeting with training by Projectplace so that members can ensure that they're using the facility to maximum advantage.

Gordon advocated, "Projectplace allows everyone to work outside our organisation but to operate together as one organisation."

Projectplace tools used

PMI UK uses the document management system which supports the processes involved with working on documents in the project. This enables users to:drag-and-drop documents between Projectplace and a computer.

  • lock documents while editing
  • manage versions and add comments about the changes
  • request reviews by email
  • check the document history
  • send links via e-mail and avoid having different versions in the archive.

PMI UK have an Enterprise Edition subscription; this allows an unlimited number of projects. PMI UK users take advantage of our online support and help whenever necessary.