Visser & Smit Hanab

“We need a virtual workplace to prepare quotations with each other. Projectplace provides us with this ready-made workplace,”
Tjip Douwstra, head of business unit at Visser & Smit Hanab.

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Projectplace is a standardised form of collaboration for us

The company has a staff of 1,600 and belongs to VolkerWessels. It works on installation projects in joint venture consortia with partner companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the current projects involves laying a 37-kilometre power cable along the bottom of the Wadden Sea between Harlingen and the island of Vlieland.

It provides us with a perfect digital workplace for gathering, editing, distributing and archiving data from different locations. Not to mention that this can be done on the move. Projectplace can be set up in 15 minutes, without any system administrator being involved.

It is also a working environment which runs separately from our website. This gives us the peace of mind that outsiders cannot access business-critical information. We can use Projectplace to work on documents simultaneously without losing the history of the working process. It is therefore an efficient archive system as well.

This is an important aspect because it can often take months to produce a quotation. Sometimes companies ask us questions that we have already answered before. The red flags are handy, indicating which documents have had amendments made to them.

I can see who has not read a particular document. In this case, I can alert the relevant people to this. I can also distribute newsletters which participants will see on their screen when they open Projectplace. In addition, everyone can see which milestones in the project need to be met. This means that everyone knows when the next deadline is.


Start dit projekt nu, det tager kun et øjeblik at komme i gang!